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How to use PrismJS with create-react-app

Colourful code highlighting

Every fetch() I ever wrote is wrong

The default timeout is ∞

Working around mobile's 100vh issue

There's "100" and then there's "100"

A good API minimizes the distance between intention and result

I don't care, just tell me if the layer is visible!

Deep state changes with Immer

(no, not that deep state)

Simple dual-booting

Gone, but not forgotten

Building a Hackintosh with OpenCore v0.5.5

Just buy an iMac

Python dependency resolution

Gone wrong

Spotify doesn't have a playlist importer

So I made my own

Writing Dockerfiles

Trial and error—but faster!

Converting scanned images into a single PDF

The government doesn't make it easy to submit forms

Takashi NYC

Personal grills, culinary thrills

Hello world

If I make it easy enough, maybe I'll actually write?