Redux is React's version of global variables?

portals through the component hierarchy

I’ve been digging into a React/Redux project at work recently. The React parts were easy to pickup, but the Redux part was a bit mysterious at first. What is this folder of exported strings called “actionTypes”? What are all these “reducers” and why do they not seem to do anything? What is mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps doing at the bottom of all these components? Two things helped me understand: [Read More]

Spotify doesn't have a playlist importer

so I made my own

The podcast “Uhh Yeah Dude” has interesting musical intros and outros, I wanted to have all these songs in a Spotify playlist. A fan of the show had maintained such a playlist until 2016, but more recent picks were missing. What to do? Getting and transforming the data The first step was scraping the UYD website to build a list of episodes–not too difficult! The code for this is kind of boring, but it’s on GitHub if you’re interested. [Read More]